Success:Everyone chases,but no one gets the way they want!!

Success …..Everyone chases it ,but nobody gets it, the way they want.This is the most common phenomena in everyone’s life and so without thinking about other aspects of life in real sense, everybody just runs after success.

What is Success is really a million dollar question , like every human being on this earth has a different personality, every individual on this earth has a different perception for success. But in reality , does success have a different definition for every individual?
The answer is YES, because majority of the people directly or indirectly analyse success in their own way, and they tend too, as per their inclinations and goals or targets, they want to achieve in life. Have we ever tried to ask, a question to our instinct, whether our definition of success is really as per the prescribed format?
Now what is this jargon called “ prescribed format” , but the answer is very simple , a holistic approach which gives us happiness and time to enjoy our achievements is success. Generally we run after success , but after achieving certain level of success , do we get enough time to enjoy it?
Ask this question to yourself and the first answer would be yes, but let us understand, going for a dinner with wife or throwing a booze party for the achievements cannot be considered as real celebration, infact it is just a formality.
Now think with a calm mind, Oh sorry guys you need to take a deep breath and formally relax or go in a balcony with your cigarette , if you are a smoker for a calm mind . Again a formality to achieve , as our society has been really infected by corporatization, which propagates systems and processes to achieve each and every thing , including calmness in our life.
Coming to the point, when you are out every formality including the formality to achieve calmness, you will achieve first success of your life , called calmness. Once you are calm, without any thought in your mind, slowly and gradually activate your senses ask yourself only one question, Are you really successful or you are successful in achieving your targets , which are temporary, because as soon as you complete the first one, the second target is always ready. In lighter sense, targets are like demands of your wife, THEY NEVER END!!
Generally people tend to make mistake to consider success as achieving target. But in real sense, success is a mental state of mind, that is reflected on your face for days, months and years after you achieve it. But not in the form of ego or attitude, but a blush and spark in the eyes , which also make others happy and energetic , who interact with us on a day to day basis, whether our family members, colleagues and friends. But is this really feasible?
The answer is YES…. This blush on your face can be permanent and you can enjoy success every moment of your life , because success is not achievement but a state of mind, and once you are successful in achieving a state of mind it is a permanent practice , which you will enjoy every moment of your life.
So are you all ready to understand the real joy, the real happiness and the real state of mind called success. If you are really eager to know the secrets of absolute success, get ready to practice it with every word and every line of the forthcoming chapters.

Chasing task is not success
Task…hmmm, a word which is worth a thousand tons, but the sigh of relief that we get on achieving the task is generally considered as success. Task is not a family term in fact it is asocial terminology as it actually gets us detach from our family and friends.
Everyone in this world is continuously running behind a success, but this process is actually a task , which is termed as goal in modern times. Even the motivational personalities strongly recommend to have a goal in your life.
But what is the definition of goal?
Again the same issue, and same statement “ It all depends on individual perception”. But frankly speaking, if we peep in ourself, we will surely find that, the task we have been chasing is not permanent.
Yes …it is not at all a permanent task, because the time we achieve it another task will precede the older one. So again the same exercise to chase the task will start. If that is the case , how can we say that we are chasing our goal, as there is always a single point agenda known as goal and it cannot change , but the steps to achieve the same changes with time , as we climb the ladder of achieving each and every step , approaching towards the goal.
In my tenure as a researcher i have seen many people, who are chasing a task but not success. Let us understand if you are chasing a task or target and trying to see it as success , you are on wrong path, because even if you are successful in achieving your goal the first question is Are you happy now? The most suitable answer is yes to an extent, but when you get the next level to achieve you are again in the same cycle to achieve it. This continues and so you are never happy while chasing your task.
I dont say chasing the task is an act of stupidity but at the same time live your life to the fullest without waiting to achieve a task and ,that is success. Evey person who is chasing a task gets himself/ herself fully involved to find the different ways and means to achieve the task. If we talk about the professional world, we tend to listen a common statement from seniors and fellow colleagues, which stress, pains and no social life is actually a by-product of the modern professional setup. Actually we all spend a lot of time in planning and framing strategies which are mainly created in terms of power point presentations and excel sheets to achieve a particular task. Framing strategies or discussing it with team is a good idea. But weekly meetings , mid week meetings and morning meetings can be avoided and still you can achieve your task.
Actually these kind of meetings indulged our brains so much that, we keep on thinking about the same even while resting till late night, which means the process of achieving the task has block our mind so much that some times we suddenly getup from our bed and rush to our laptop just to add or delete some point from the presentation we have created some few hours ago.
I would like to raise a question, that is jumping up from bed in midnight real professionalism? If yes we all should stop talking and praising the work life balance approach.

• Stop complaining about the stressful work environment, it all depends on your approach towards work and life.
• Don’t just chase your task without understanding pros and cons of this chase.
• Boredom will not work, energetic attitude towards life will help you to achieve your task.
• Don’t get over involved to achieve your goal.
• Cultivate and nurture energetic environment amongst your team, it will make your task easier to achieve.
• Enthusiasm, positive attitude and boldness to accept mistake will help you work better.
• Sit with your friends & family members, they are your true strength.

If you are suffering from above symptoms of #taskchase syndrome, we have a medicine for you. But for that you need to first cultivate and nurture a sense of confidence in yourself and among your team members. So lets start the first ACID TEST of the mega change in your personality.
Let me clarify that revolt against the system will never help you to achieve success. But a holistic process will surely help you achieve your task the way you want.

 Be with your team members by heart.

 Try to understand their situation, when they fail to achieve the task.

 Stop morning meetings, it will give a sigh of relief to you and your team.

 Initiate tea meets in late afternoon, as by that time they will have a clear idea and enough time to frame efficient strategies.

 Start no work hour format once a week, when everyone is in the office, chatting and having fun. This will bring a sense of bonding amongst the team members, whether your seniors or juniors.

 Keep space for ON THE SPOT decisions, as even full proof plans can result to utter failure.

 Value every suggestion that comes to you.

This is a motivational feature written by Maulikk Buch

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