NIGHTLIFE: Have you ever come across this statement ચાલો રવાના થાઓ!!

Chalo ravana thao…( ચાલો રવાના થાઓ) , is the most common statement you come across from the cops of Vadodara, who come out from their police vans in dabang style with danda in their hand . Yes this is a normal visual around railway station, Sayajigunj , Fatehgunj and areas, where the barodians try to enjoy some moments of night life

Vadodara is absolutely DRY in nature as far as night life is concerned. As far as the hangout points at Vadodara are concerned, one can count them on their finger tips as , if you want to have tea and some snacks in midnight, other than Ratri bazaar, its available near Railway Station  or behind  Railway Station. Every time you go after 12am, you will see the horrified faces of the shopkeepers, saying AAJ PI night hai  or AAJ SP KI NIGHT hai etc:. In a recent incident, a newly posted cop , rushed to the students group sitting near the Entry gate and asking them to leave the place saying its 1am and you are not supposed to roam on roads.

Vadodara has always been claimed as the cultural capital of Gujarat, and maintaining this identity, the citizens always rush to their vehicle creating a mess, when the police van approaches the desi hangout places around railway station area. There is no place in entire Vadodara, where you can conduct Chai pe Charcha with your friends. While the Corporation officials, supported by Vadodara police  has taken a bold move by giving license to the vendors of Ratri Bazaar  till 3am, but these vendors do not take any precaution for cleanliness, due to which Ratri Bazaar can never be the option for a simple hangout. So those who want to have just chat with their friends , generally prefer Railway Station surroundings.

It is to be noted at this juncture, that  not only the guys, but even the girls sit bindaas at the railway station surrounding areas ,chatting with their friends in groups. This phenomenon clearly indicates that Vadodara is very safe even in night, and for this each one of us  should be thankful to the cops of Vadodara along with the law abiding citizens, who maintain this healthy atmosphere of the city.

But, why does cops hamper the hangout mood of barodians, is a million dollar question, and when  The Barodian, tried to inquire the reason, majority of the cops say, that the nuisance elements also mix with the innocent  one, and create issues. At this juncture, as a law abiding citizen, I too feel that cops are correct, but that doesn’t mean that the cops rudely behave with  the  innocent barodians, who hangout at night to relax themselves.

Vadodara is also hub of KPO and BPOs , as a large number of good manpower is available in the city , being an education hub.  These KPOs and BPOs operate as per the American Time Zone , I.e.  from 10pm onwards to 4am. What will happen to these young employees, who want to have some light refreshment s?

Every city is known for its nightlife, but Vadodara is a city with no night life. If we compare Ahmedabad, starting  from Raipur – Astodia gate, Manek chowk, Vijay Char Rasta, S.G. road, Maninagar railway station, and many such places are always full of Ahmedabadis and even the police officials cooperate with them.

You can find Dal Fry and Jeera Rice, Pav Bhaji, Pizza, Sandwich, Vadapav and various other snacks  at 2pm on these streets of Ahmedabad. While in Vadodara- a city which is tagged as the cultural capital ,of the state, getting Omlette or Poha at 2.30am is like winning a world cup. And if you are too hungry , you will have to go to Mangal Bazaar and knock the Jitendra Khaman Shop and he will ask you the quantity in frightened voice.

The Barodian is never against the cops of Vadodara, but when the same cops are transferred to Ahmedabad , they don’t  impose the barodian law of nightlife, which  is again raises a question in one’s mind, that why law changes in just 110 kms.

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