Vadodara Blues: The committed towing Kings of Vadodara

The towing kings of Vadodara traffic police are always geared up to take away your vehicles, without checking, whether  it violates the law or not. The towing scenes are commonly  seen at the Sayajigunj, Racecourse, Raopura, Waghodia road, Alkapuri and all the other areas. These committed towing personnel are so sharp that without seeing the parking boards, they just lift the vehicle and mount it on the towing van. And dare you argue, the dabang cops will start teaching you the rules and regulations.

The towing vans generally work on the  main roads  in all major cities  of India, but Vadodara is the only  city, where these vans enter the corners and lanes, and  start their job diligently. It is a fact that traffic police  role is to control and maintain the traffic of the city. But the way they target a vehicle , it seems that they are more concerned about  the target of the fine achieved.

Recently  the Vadodara traffic has launched the CCTVs to catch the crooks  violating the  traffic norms. The  Barodian found a camera towards the Inorbit  mall and they  were surprised to see that the  auto wala , who pick up and drop about 05 to 06 passengers , somehow never come in camera, while a two wheeler guy, is punished for not wearing helmet. And that’s not all , he or she has to go to a bank to pay the challan, and approach the traffic police officials with the vehicle, where they will  check the license, PUC , RC book and Insurance. After this cumbersome process the  owner is  freed technically.

As a law abiding citizen, it is our duty to observe the traffic rules, and if we violate we should be punished. But is everyone including the traffic cops observe the traffic rules?  Let the conscious of cops answer the question. There are so many auto rickshaw , which are known as shuttle , take more than the required passengers , but they are never fined, may  be there are some special bylaws for these auto rickshaw drivers.

TIPS to keep your vehicle safe from towing kings:

  • Always park you vehicle in the parking zone.
  • Park your vehicle in the parking boundary.
  • Take a picture of your vehicle, after parking your vehicle.
  • Always keep a keen eye , to check about the entry of towing kings.
  • If your vehicle is towed away, rush to Sayajigunj , where the towed vehicles are brought.
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  1. Very nice and true,this problem is every big city of gujarat and traffic police have mobil app with that they punish innocent


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