Padharo mhare desh: Rajasthani food Festival at Aamantran restaurant.

Daal Baati, Jaipuri Gatta , Maal puva , and many more mouth watering delicacies are offered at the Rajasthani food Festival at the famous Aamantran restaurant located at Alkapuri , Vadodara.

With cool breeze of winters in the evenings at Vadodara, the foodie BARODIANs are tempted to enjoy some hot food dishes, and what else can be the best choice to enjoy the Rajasthani food Festival at Aamantran starting from today.

The restaurant is already known for Gujarati food, while The flavor of Rajasthan will be a superb experience for the BARODIANs. The daal-baati churma, Maal-Puva and other Rajasthani delicacies will be served in typical Rajasthani style and ambience. The food Festival has added attraction of music and dance from the land of sand.



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