What’s App down across the world

BARODIANs were left clueless with whatsapp sudden breakdown on Friday. The netizens across the globe actually tousled their smart phones to restart their whatsapp, but finally it got on after about it 37 minutes.

That last part about the world stops is obviously a pun. But that is how for many it felt like as WhatsApp suffered an outage around 1.47pm India time. For over half an hour people in India, and elsewhere, people were able to send WhatsApp messages and didn’t get any new messages. The situation was resolved around 2.45 when WhatsApp started working again.

Earlier when you sent a WhatsApp message, it didn’t go through. The WhatsApp down detector map shows that the service is suffering outage in parts of India, Europe and Asia. A similar website that tracks outages for WhatsApp reported the same thing.

For now it is not clear what went wrong. For now there is no information from WhatsApp on what went wrong, not even a tweet. However, it is also a little too early to understand why WhatsApp stopped working. It was a global outage, and for some people it may persist even now, so it seems that something wrong must have gone with WhatsApp global servers.

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